Friday, April 23, 2010

'Who is Solly Forell?'

Eisenhower Republican Solly Forell is an acknowledged Conservative Blogger. Forell is also the self-proclaimed most outspoken advocate of sweeping Welfare Entitlement Reform Legislation on the internet, in-print, in this country or anywhere else in the free world.

As I grow older, I know things I never knew before. Frequently I know things for reasons I cannot readily explain. On occasion, I know things have happened but cannot readily define what. Sometimes I know things that have not yet happened. I am someone most people love but don’t really know why. I am someone that dark-hearted people fear. Now comes Barack Obama. His election as the 44th POTUS was an American Electorate Mistake that I knew for a whole host of reasons. The Obama job performance and declining poll numbers are merely the natural consequence of an electorate mistake of this magnitude.

When I was born, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th POTUS. Took me a while to figure out why I am so drawn to the face of Kara Lawson. She could be Ida Elizabeth Eisenhower’s sister or daughter. One need only compare Ms. Lawson’s appearances on ESPN to the Solly_Forell wallpaper on Twitter. The likeness is remarkable. Dwight D. Eisenhower - the other first African-American President?!

Solly Forell advocates a 180° fiscal approach to combat the rampant spending of Barack Obama. Pursuant to this objective, the Forell Doctrine outlines the merits of Welfare Reform that essentially overhauls entitlements to millions of Americans and Immigrants that are breeding a significant portion of future taxpayer liability and the primary contributors to both violent and non-violent crime in this country.

I don’t know what the Tea Party Americans favor but Solly Forell is for Entitlement Reform at the county, state and federal level. Let’s shave some debt from the bottom of this countries’ financial millstone while we’re increasing the tax burden of working, responsible, taxpaying Americans. A huge culture of Americans and Immigrants live off the labor and tax dollars of working Americans.

‘Stop the Breeding of Welfare Babies for Profit in the United States of America. Take a Bite out of crime and lower the debt burden on the American Taxpayer.’

‘Demand from your elected representatives a commitment to support sweeping Welfare Entitlement Reform Legislation.’ Then you’ll see Barack Obama’s true colors. Someone let the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton know that invitations to a whole host of news channel ‘Green Rooms’ are in the offing if Welfare Entitlement Reform Legislation becomes a battle cry for any group(s) that opposes Barack Obama’s Socialist Administration. Trust me… this is Barack Obama’s KRYPTONITE.

It’s time to restrict Barack Obama’s spending and nullify the balance of his presidency to save this country. It’s time to take this country back from those who would dismantle America in the name of wealth redistribution. It’s time to put country before race. It’s time to put country before religion. It’s time to put country before sexual orientation. Now is the time for all men and women to come to the aid of this country.

Barack Obama was an American Electorate Mistake that must be corrected at the ballot box in November and again in November of 2012. As I explained to several USPS patrons recently, the United States of America can stand two to three more years of the Obama presidency. We just can’t afford to fumble again like in November of 2008!

America, don’t be dissuaded by the types who attempted to silence me recently. Obviously, I am still on Twitter and not in Federal Prison. There are likely several reasons for that. Now is a time to listen to the JC Watts’ of the world. Herman Cain is a voice that should be heard. Tea Partiers like Darryl Postell are not nearly as rare as the liberal media would suggest. And yes, even characters like Dr. James David Manning have a message for the uninformed.

Lastly, talk about Barack Obama out loud and publicly. Don’t be bashful or have fear that someone will call you a racist. Be reminded of the Solly Forell Doctrine and spread the word to friends, family and associates - Save America from Barack Obama. Speak out against Obama policies whenever and wherever you can and especially if Blacks or Liberals are present. The moment someone attempts to challenge you, please feel free to tell them that opposition to Barack Obama is as American as celebrating Martin Luther King Day. The ability to respect one without the other is un-American. Tell them Solly Forell said so.

If opposing Barack Obama makes me a racist then so be it. Funny thing though; I’ve been a Black American longer than Barack Obama can even claim being an American Citizen and he’s not even telling the truth about that. Ignore any Black American that can’t intelligently explain the benefits of the new healthcare law other than it represents free healthcare paid for by the taxpaying American. Ignore any Americans that don’t realize Barack Obama means a certain Bankruptcy for the United States of America. Dismiss any voter who is intent on voting for Barack Obama just because he’s Barack Obama. They’ve digested the Obama Flavored Kool-Aid and are mindless sponge heads that we’ll also need to rescue someday. Nobody said being a Patriot was easy!

If you can find Solly Forell, hire him.