Monday, January 18, 2010

Whose got next?!

Every tea leaf I can read, every crystal ball I can gaze into and ever tarot card I can turnover indicates a larger than imagined victory for Scott Brown in the MA Special Senatorial Election on Tuesday. If this does indeed happen, Barack Obama will be a lame-duck on Wednesday morning and who knows what he’ll try next.

My first thought, though a rather silly one, is that Barack Obama might try a mass hypnosis on live television. It’d be a perfect response to an obvious American Electorate repudiation of his policies. He could stage it as an Emergency Town Hall Meeting to discuss the wayward thinking voters of Massachusetts and the need for an immediate passage of his healthcare plan to save the people of America from the vestiges of eight (8) years of George Bush.

Just because it was a silly thought doesn’t mean that it would be out of the realm of possibility for a desperate administration. The repeated use of the ‘healthcare debate will be televised on C-Span’ spin would suggest that subliminal influence is not out of the question for the Obama team. Barney Frank is a lot of things and being brutally honest is one of them. If Frank doubts the chances of passing healthcare given a Coakley loss on Tuesday, Democrats are already in the kind of trouble that may only be mitigated with an effective use of hypnosis.

Every speech on the subject of Obama’s idea of healthcare reform has been made to death already. With the final deal being crafted behind closed doors anyway, why not swing a watch in the face of the American people to add injury to insult. Our eyelids are getting heavy and we’re getting sleepy Mr. President but we’re not buying what you’re selling whether you swing a watch, make a speech or sing a song. We’re Americans and we’re on to you. You might do well to enjoy the remaining three years of free lodging on the American people.

So there it is. After only a year on the job, it all comes down to Massachusetts for the history making Barack Obama. For true Americans, we have come full circle and are now faced with the very real challenge of retaking our country and government from a bold thinking but under qualified pretender. As they say on playgrounds all over this great nation of ours: “Whose got next?!”

It’s never too early to plan for a mammoth task like that of retaking and reshaping our government. After Tuesday’s American Electorate Correction there will be an almost immediate shift of leverage, power and capital on Capital Hill. Democrats will have suffered major defeats in VA and New Jersey Gubernatorial races and the all important “Kennedy Senate Seat” race all in a tragic 90-day span with mid-term elections around the corner. The healthcare debate has only served to galvanize opposition to both the bill and the Obama Administration.

The team that will ultimately replace the outgoing Obama team, Team45, will want to address several key weaknesses of the present administration and what better place to start than at the top.

Barack Obama was the creation of Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and their fellow co-conspirators who stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton. He was a fraud propped up by Democrats as a superstar whose press clippings far exceeded his ability.

Joe Biden was just weak in every conceivable way. Then and now. A fear that every American should have is that Barack Obama have some type of accident or worse yet - lose his life - and Joe Biden become president. I can only shake my head at the thought. We weren’t as worried when this selection was made until it was realized that Barack Obama would be so incapable. I pray for your good health Mr. President!

Eric Holder was a selection I would expect Barack Obama to make. Holder is the worst kind of Black American Federal Employee you could imagine and for one very good reason: you cannot trust his motives. There’s something that doesn’t meet the eye about who Holder really is. His decisions to prosecute terrorists as he would prosecute American citizens make me wonder if he isn‘t abusing a substance like crack in his private life. He was a pivotal player in the legal dealings of the Clinton Administration so there’s nothing about him that is above reproach.

David Axelrod looks so much like a well-fed Adolf Hitler that I don’t even want to spend very much time reflecting on his being ill-suited for public service except to say that Israel should watch its back until Team 44 leaves the court. The Obama Administration is no friend to Israel!

Rahm Emanuel reminds me of the funniest of all ‘Seinfeld’ lines: “Not that there’s anything wrong with it…” You might say ‘it’ depends on what your definition of ‘it’ is. Anyone that closely watches a single episode of the West Wing would discover that ‘it’ is in fact the White House of Chief of Staff that runs the Circus. I’m sorry but no man that’s ever been a male ballerina can never run my country. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a male ballerina!

Janet Napolitano, as of head of Homeland Security, also reminds of the funniest of all Seinfeld lines. Aside from - dare I say it- being one of the most unattractive female creatures to be appointed to a highly ‘visible’ position since another really unattractive Janet served as Bill Clinton’s Attorney General - this Janet is also clueless. I am laughing and frowning even now with the images of Reno and Napolitano in my head. Janet Napolitano is Obama’s idea of homeland security material. Barack Obama is obviously clueless too.

The aforementioned losers won’t be forced from the court or from power on Wednesday should Brown defeat Coakley but three years is a long time to hear a fat lady warming up. Those who would be forced to surrender their positions might bicker among themselves about why the administration lost the favor of the American people so quickly. The list of reasons for the rapid Obama decline will be long and will be blamed largely on his not being able to live up to his own rhetoric. Who doubts that Joe Biden will have an opinion about why Obama failed and, of course, why he was more qualified all along?

In this analogy, if U.S. politics were operated by the same code as neighborhood basketball courts, both Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton would be asked to ‘run again‘. As I recall from my playing days, any player(s) picked from the losing team were players considered to be the ‘winners’ on a team of mostly losers. Again, Clinton and Gates come away from the Obama team as the only real winners on the squad. Just the fact that Mrs. Clinton is concealing her contempt for Mr. Obama is a credit to her commitment to America. Her thoughts of Mr. Obama have undoubtedly been impure and a little scary.

I imagine Bob Gates has ice water running through his veins after what he‘s been through. Think of what he knows and what he‘s been tasked to do in a tenure that could span ten years and two presidencies. He’s someone that may be called on to lead the country at some point in the future. All the qualifications we should look for in a President are on the Gates resume as it was on the resume of Colin Powell. We elected community organizer Barack Hussein Obama when we needed a real player. POTUS44’s failure was predictable.

While you’re assessing the losers on the Obama team, the list grows pretty fast if you include support staffers like White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers who got more caught up with being photographed than controlling ‘her’ event. When she assumed ownership of the President’s first State Dinner, one of her staff members should have been posted at every point of entry with an approved Guest List. This is ’House Party’ 101. She hurt the team’s credibility. She should leave the park altogether and by all means take that God-awful ugly gown she was wearing when party crashers made the President and his White House staff look like fools.

And what about the ‘shots’ the head of the White House Military Office,” was taking? Louis Caldera couldn’t have handled that situation any worse if Obama’s enemies had planned it. Just the name of the project - The Presidential Airlift Group’s aerial photo shoot over New York City - suggested it should have been handled better. All those poor New Yorkers running for cover and fearing for the life of our young President. I have complained long and hard that Obama doesn’t understand America and his being ill-suited for the Presidency is the reason blunders like having a fighter jet tail Air Force 1 over the skies of Manhattan lead to his Team 44’s exit from the court.

Whose got ‘next’ is anybody’s guess. Whoever heads Team 45, they can be certain that the American Electorate won’t get it wrong in 2012. Vetting (process of investigating to discover) for presidential candidates will involve a scrutiny not previously applied by voters intent on not getting it wrong again. Obama sold himself so well, America made a bad ‘buying decision‘. I imagine he along with other Presidential contenders will get their tires kicked around a bit more this time around. This can only make our Democracy stronger.


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    Enjoy the visit from the Secret Service.

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